Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[Tutorial] Gimp for beginners Part 1 - Using the fuzzy select tool to make selections

Using the fuzzy select tool to change colors

I decided to make some beginner tutorials on how to use gimp. This is the first one and surely wouldn't be the last. In this tutorial I will tell you how to select an image using the fuzzy select tool and then change its color. First of all you will need Gimp and if you don't have it then download and install it from the link below


Now select an image whose color you want to change, mine is shown below.

Now open the image in Gimp.

After opening the image select the fuzzy select tool, using this tool we can select part of images which have the same color and this is the reason why it is my favourite tool for selecting.

Now before you go on selecting I would recommend that you zoom appropriately so you can see the image parts whose color you need to change. Now during selecting you would see an outline of dots which will tell you which parts have been selected. Now select the part you want whose color need to be changed by left clicking on it and the selection would be made and if you want more to be added to the selection press shift and then left-click.

Now right-click on the image and choose colors and then select Hue-Saturation.... from it. Adjust the hue from it to adjust the color and if you want to make the color light adjust the lightness. Here's how my adjustment made the image look like.

Now press OK and you will get the final image mine is shown below.




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