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C++ Class 2: A Simple Program (Continued)

A Simple Program (Continued)

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Output of the above program:


Another Example:

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Output of the above program:


Another Simple Program:

Adding Two Integers:

  • Variables
    • Location in memory where value can be stored
    • Fundamental data types
      • int - integer numbers (whole numbers + and -)
      • char - characters
      • float/double - floating point numbers
    • Declare variables with name and data type before use
int integer1;
int integer2;
int sum;
    • Can declare several variables of same type in one declaration
      • comma-separated list
int integer1, integer2, sum;

    • Variable names
      • Valid identifier
        • Series of characters (letters, digits, underscores)
        • Cannot begin with digit
        • Case sensitive
  • Input stream object
    • >> (stream extraction operator)
      • used with cin
      • Waits for user to input value, then press Enter (Return) key
      • Stores value in variable to right of operator
        • Coverts value to variable data type
  • = (assignment operator)
    • Assigns value to variable
    • Binary operator (works on two operands)
    • Example:
      • sum = variable1 + variable2;
      • Operands : sum, value of expression, variable1+variable2

// code3.cpp
// Addition Program
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

// function main begins execution of program
int main()

 int integer1; // first number to be input by user
 int integer2; // second number to be input by user
 int sum; // variable in which sum will be stored

 cout << "Enter first integer: "; // prompt
 cin >> integer1; // read an integer

 cout << "Enter second integer: "; // prompt
 cin >> integer2; // read an integer

 sum = integer1 + integer2; // assign result to sum

 cout << "Sum is " << sum << endl; // print sum
 return 0; // indicates successfull execution of program
} // ends the main function

Output of the above program:


Well after this class you might be able to create simple programs such as simple calculator. We will soon come back with a new class for new things..

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