Friday, March 7, 2014

[Tutorial] Gimp for beginners Part 2 - Make the background transparent or change its color

How to make the background transparent

In this tutorial I will teach you how to make the background of a picture transparent and add color to it. First of all you need to do is open Gimp and open a picutre whose background you want to make transparent. In my case its the same old picture from the previous tutorial.
You can get it from here.

Now select the fuzzy select tool from the toolbox.

Now select the background color which we want to make transparent.

Now if you want you can make changes to your selection by choosing adding or subtracting from current selection in tool options.

Now its time to make the background transparent. Select "Layer" from the task bar at the top. Select "transparency" and then select the "Color to Alpha" option.

A dialog box shall open. In this dialog box you have to choose which color you want to convert to transparent in our case its black so select black by clicking on the box which is displaying a color. By default it is white. Press "OK" when you are done.

Your picture shall contain a background which is a combination of grey and balck boxes. Don't worry, this means now that your picture has a transparent background. Now we will be adding a new background color.

Now from the right tool box which will be showing layers right click on it and select the option "New layer" or go to layer in the top task bar and then select new layer.

A dialog box will open which will ask you some properties of the new layer. From the fill type option choose foreground or background color. I chose "Foreground color". This will be used for our new background color. Press "OK" when you are done.

After pressing "OK", your new layer will be displayed. In your layers channel in right tool box, drag your picture above our new layer.

It will be displayed then. Now right-click on your picture (not the new layer) and select "Merge Down". Your layers shall be combined and will become a single picture.

Here's the final result. When we created the new layer you could also have added a picture and then followed the other steps to add a background image to your picture rather then a color. Now go and have fun trying this and making new backgrounds for your picture.



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