Saturday, March 15, 2014

[Tutorial] Gimp for beginners Part 3 - Making a meme

How to add text like a meme

Welcome to the third tutorial of the Gimp series. In this tutorial I am going to tell you how to write text like the way you see in memes. I know that many people out there want to learn this so I will cut this intro short and will just tell you how to write the text.

Okay first of all open an image. Mine is the one shown below.

Now select the "Text Tool" from the toolbox. Draw your text box on the image.

After that write done the text for your meme.

 Now go to the layers and right-click on your layer. Select "text to path".

Right-click again and select "New layer".

Now a dialog box will open asking for the new layer properties. The new layer should have the same dimensions as the current layer and by default it usually has the same dimensions. So all you need to do is give the layer a name though I think I don't need one but if you want give one. After that in the "layer fill type" property select "Transparency". Now click on "OK".

A new layer shall come up in the layers. Click on that and make sure that it is selected. You will know if it is selected when it becomes outlined by a square. Now click on "Select" which is on the task bar at the top. Select "From path".

You will see that your text has become outlined.

Now click on "Select" again. Click on "Grow".

A dialog box will open. In it choose how much you want your text outline to be. I think 2 is fine. After that click on "OK".

Now select a color for the outline and use the "Fill" tool from the toolbox to add color to the outline.

Now go to layers and drag your text layer above the outline layer. Your text should become visible.

Right-click on text layer and select "Merge visible layers".

Now again click on "Select" on the task bar at the top. Select "None".

Your selection will go away and here's how your is now complete.

That's all for this tutorial. See you in the next one.



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