Wednesday, July 9, 2014

An era comes to an end

Sony recently just announced that one of their best selling ever console production is going to stop. Yes, ladies and gentleman we are talking about the console to which everybody once was a die-hard fan of aka Playstation Portable (PSP). More than 76 million consoles have been sold in the span of 10 years, that's huge compared to any other portable console. Though official games had stop coming for a long time and so did the system updates, we all knew this was coming. But don't worry the homebrew scene is still pretty much there, some people will disagree but let them tell me the scene;s hibernating not gone yet. Some of the greats projects that are still being work on include:
  • uofw - This is one the most ambitious project ever taken, these guys are trying to reverse engineer the PSP's firmware
  • Cyanogenmod - A new shell for PSP
  • RahinUS's mod ME firmware -  Just got updates today, will post about it later :)
  • Minecraft PSP(LC mod) - A minecraft clone for PSP, so far it's pretty good
  • DaedaluxX64 - Nintendo64 emulator
And there are many more. So don't give up PSP fans there could be some glory for you still left.




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