Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to install PSP Link

PSP Link tutorial for Windows users

Today's tutorial would be on something that is pretty great for PSP C/C++ developers and if you are hoping to become one then you should get PSP Link and read this tutorial very carefully.
Note: This is only for Windows users. Also you need to build a prx file for your homebrews to run them on PSP Link. You can do this by including Build_Prx=1 in your makefile.

Getting and installing PSP Link


First of all download PSP Link, google search it or you can get it from here.
Connect your PSP to your PC, extract PSP Link and then copy the OE folder to PSP/GAME .


Read and follow the instructions on the link below so that you can disable driver signature verification and then you can install unsigned drivers. I am not sure but I think this is usually required for 64-bit windows so if anybody out there try's on 32-bit try to skip this step and go to to step 3. Please do notify me what happens, it will be appreciated and will also be a lot of help to others.

For windows 8:


Download libusb-win32. Run it. Follow the instructions and install the driver for PSP.
Run PSPLink on your PSP. On your PC in the folder in which your homebrew is located run usbhostfs_pc using command prompt (remember that it should be your homebrew folder). 

Now in "Run" command (Press windows key and "R" for windows 7 & 8 and you know where is it for XP and Vista), type "pspsh".
Now if you did everything right and your PSP is connected you should get this.

Type "ldstart" and then your prxfile name in pspsh. Press Enter and see the magic on your PSP.

Using PSPLink

  • Whenever you need to start a homebrew, make sure you have its prx file, go to the folder using command prompt, run "usbhostfs_pc" (without the ""), start pspsh using "Run", type "ldstart" and the prx's file name in pspsh.

  • If you want to exit just type "exit" in pspsh.

That's all, now you can go on and make some awesome homebrews without much trouble. Also if you have any problems do ask in the comments and I will try to answer asap. Maybe next week I might make a tut on how can this be done also for luaplayers so stay tune lua programmers :)

Credits: Goes to devnoname120 for introducing and installing PSP Link for me and to everyone out there who made this possible.



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