Sunday, March 10, 2019

How do I get started in cybersecurity?

As cybersecurity gains wide attention, more people are trying to join the field and become cybersecurity professionals. But the question to ask is, is it just a bubble? True, that cybersecurity attacks are on the rise but it is not like we didn't saw it coming, and all one needs to do is follow the basic practices and almost 80% of the attacks are mitigated. Only the sophisticated attacks, backed by governments especially the powerful ones, yes I am talking about the top intelligence agencies and most of them have a cybersecurity wing is something that one needs to caution about, after all these guys are brainwashed that doing for your nation means anything is possible. But wait, how do I get started? Simply the best thing to do is learn everything about IT in the first few months, seriously anything you learn is never wasted, with time you will understand but if you are looking for methodological approach, then here it goes
  1. System administration: By that it means getting around the top OS, if you don't know what OS is then there's a lot to learn, anyway learn how to get around Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems, what are their features and administrator commands you can perform.
  2. Programming: Code is essential no matter what IT field you join, it will help you someday. The best language to learn for cybersecurity is python, tons of free references are available online. But whatever programming language you go for, learn it in depth and go for the advanced tutorials.
  3. Next up would be learning about networks and how does the internet operates, going in depth is recommended.
Remember, the mind of a man can achieve anything if it only believes, the start will be slow, the steps small but over time they will accumulate, hopefully something meaningful. One last thing, whatever you do get a job in IT too and earn. We are living in a privileged time, where vast information is available on the internet but limited time, so do not waste it. Goodluck!

One good resource to get you started:

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