About Us

Our Story

In November 2013, a group of software and electrical engineering students founded CPPFuzz.com to help people learn programming with ease at home and blog about their activities and projects.

Owners & Founders

Arsalan Karamat, Founder & Marketing Director

Arsalan Karamat is the founder and CEO of Cppfuzz .He is a bright young student of MCS, NUST and a passionate programmer. He is leading the team of cppfuzz in it's battles to help people learn programing and how to utilize it.
Email ID: arsalankaramat@cppfuzz.com

Ahmed Aziz, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Ahmad Aziz is the MD of CPPFuzz. He currently leads the team of Cppfuzz and works hands in hand with Arsalan Karamat to create Cppfuzz a better place for all. He too is a student of MCS, NUST.


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